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    Sculpture a symbol of courage in virus fight

    2020-06-12 15:12:03

    Pierre Alivon, a French photographer and sculptor, took thousands of photos of Beijing's bleak street scenes in February when the country was battling the viral outbreak at full tilt. Meanwhile, he has tried to reflect the devotion and fearless spirit he perceived in his random subjects in a sculptu

    Anhui's cultural, natural heritage highlighted in online show

    2020-06-12 13:42:16

    To celebrate Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on June 13 this year, and let South Korean people know more about China, the China Tourism Office in Seoul recently launched a photo exhibition on its website and social media platforms.

    Confluence of ideas

    2020-06-12 07:01:22

    Sculptural representations in Buddhism convey people's supreme devotion. They are also testaments to the aesthetic evolution and maturity of workmanship over centuries, promoting their status to an important department at either museums or the art market today.

    Dates for Shanghai Book Fair announced

    2020-06-11 16:31:34

    Organizers of the Shanghai Book Fair announced at a promotional event in Beijing on June 11 that this year's fair will take place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from Aug 12-18.

    Festival draws both bookworms, night owls

    2020-06-12 07:27:02

    Culture and art are indispensable to the Shanghai Nightlife Festival, where over 40 museums and 30 bookshops are opening their doors to night owls from June 6 to 30.

    Shanghai to hold inaugural Intangible Heritage Shopping Festival

    2020-06-11 11:31:15

    Shanghai will launch the first Intangible Heritage Shopping Festival on Saturday, which is also China’s Culture and Natural Heritage Day.

    How literature, art helped lockdown residents

    2020-06-11 10:17:22

    After being in lockdown for more than two months, Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, is working to revive business and daily life, while also trying to prevent a resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak that rocked the city earlier this year.

    Video from opera house gives encouragement in virus fight

    2020-06-10 17:07:20

    The video A Sunny Day, released by the Central Opera House expresses the artists' moving to fight the epidemic, the memory of the heroes fighting in the front line, and the call t

    Visiting China Online: Hainan

    2020-06-10 10:01:53

    South China's Hainan is a nature paradise with the perfect environment for health and relaxation. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy unimaginable and amazing experiences here. 

    South Koreans travel to E China's Anhui online on Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

    2020-06-09 16:00:00

    The exhibition, through 60 photos and videos, leads visitors across the amazing landscapes of Anhui.

    Chinese dance drama awards to be unveiled in Shanghai

    2020-06-09 10:30:15

    The final dance drama competition for the 12th Lotus Awards, China's top awards for professional dance, will be held in Shanghai in September, according to the China Dancers Association (CDA).

    TV viewers in UK tune into hit program looking at China life

    2020-06-09 07:39:47

    LONDON-Lockdown rules are being relaxed in many parts of Britain, but cross-border travel is still largely limited. An increasing number of Britons are now turning to TV or going online to watch China-related content.

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