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    FANTASTIC | Lai Chi Wo in Hong Kong

    2020-06-05 09:00:00

    This well-preserved Hakka village tells you what rural settlements looked like 300 years ago in Hong Kong.

    FANTASTIC | Sunset at Ha Pak Nai

    2020-06-04 16:31:28

    A little-known gem for the perfect sunset in Hong Kong.

    Colorful Guizhou, an eco-tourism destination

    2020-06-02 15:53:10

    With the goal of building an internationally renowned mountain tourism destination, Guizhou has entered a new period of tourism development.

    A letter from Chinese youth to friends in Malaysia

    2020-06-01 11:10:00

    As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread globally, young people in China are deeply coancerned for the well-being of their young friends across the world and are trying to deliver messages of love and care in various ways.

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